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Hochschule der Medien
Nobelstraße 10
70569 Stuttgart

Hochschule für Technik
Schellingstraße 24
70174 Stuttgart

Staatliche Akademie
der Bildenden Künste
Am Weißenhof 1
70191 Stuttgart

Staatliche Hochschule
für Musik und
Darstellende Kunst
Urbanstraße 25
70182 Stuttgart

      Course certificates stating credits, grades and achieved language level are issued after regular attendance and successful completion of course tasks and tests.

Conditions for German courses:

Attendance is mandatory. Students should not miss out more than three course days during the intensive course or more than two course days during the semester course. They must attend and pass the final examination and any other evaluation tests during the course. The final grade must be at least 4.0 (D) in order to pass and gain accreditation.

Students who attended and passed both the intensive course and the following semester course will receive a course certificate with an overall average grade of both courses in addition to their transcript of records.

With a final score lower than 4.0 (Fail) students can receive a certificate of participation stating their attendance.

Students receive their certificates approximately three weeks after the end of their VESPA language course.

The ECTS transcripts (transcript of records) are usually issued by the International Offices of the respective universities i.e. the VESPA office.